Why I started BornFree…

Have you ever felt like you could 100% trust a product or company to give you the healthiest options for what your looking for? After doing tons of research of what is toxic and what isn’t… i wasn’t finding anything I trusted to use on my skin. I have worked in the medical field for 10 years now. Science is amazing, really, but I also think it has two sides that should be validated. There is healthcare medical and there is Natural medical. Medical research has advanced so much and it has tons of benefits in so many areas that I am not going to get into it, but essential oils, herbs, things untainted from this planet that has many benefits also. I respect and value both. I believe that both are needed to create a harmonious outcome for peoples ailments. A balance of knowing what can help you feel like your best self.

Last year, October 2017, I saw a soap making class at a local community college and I had this great idea to make my family something I actually spent time on for them. I was thinking oooh! I could also save money by doing this, because work is slower for my husband by January and every Christmas would seem like a buying frenzy with struggling to pay bills afterwards. I wanted to do something from my heart and not just give another shirt or gift card, but something that would really HELP my family that I loved so much.

After the class, my mind geeked out hardcore. Watching endless Youtube videos, reading countless articles, spending my entire weekends till 3-4am creating formulas, researching ingredients that were the best quality, creating multiple spreadsheets of the risks and benefits of essential oils, melting points, safe potency to add to the quantity being made, and writing away in my composition book. In class we used fake dyes and cheap additives.. and I thought that doesn’t seem like the best version I could give as a gift. What would I want to use? What would I feel great about giving my family?

Well, I spent waaaay more money than a $50 t-shirt, HAHA. I thought about each person in my family and asked them what they needed. What would benefit their lives more then just a pretty soap that smelled like a flower? I created formulas for a bar of soap for each of them. Something unique that hopefully they would love how it made them feel. I didn’t focus on what the soap would smell like or look like. Just what ingredients would help them the most. Ingredients that helped anxiety, depression, lower blood pressure, acne, dry skin, uplifting, inflammation, anti-aging, and healing. Oh and sparkles for my niece, nephew, and daughter, of course.

As I created these soaps I got so passionate about them! I felt so confident in their healing potential and it was so fun creating something no one else had. When people asked me what I was up to — I would say being a mad scientist, making soap! This spurred attention and  intrigue, soon others were interested in buying them. So, I sold the leftovers of my batches and thought… if this can help my family as well as myself, why not help others that may need it? BornFree became a creative outlet for me. A way to give back to friends, family and anyone else that could benefit from all this research I did. A lot of people see something everyone else is doing without looking into the product in hopes it will work for them. I created BornFree so you wouldn’t have to worry about what you are using. I wanted to be 100% transparent with the risks and benefits and lay it all out there so you can decide for yourself and not have to use all your precious time researching! Especially if you hate doing that, I did it for you! I also tested everything I made on myself and asked my family and friends to give me real reactions and thoughts.

Eventually friends and family would tell others and soon those others would start giving me feedback that they loved what they were using from me! I even had people ask me when are you going to make a sunscreen or a body scrub? That just inspired me to make them as soon as possible, where there is a need – I like to help. It’s in my nature. They trusted that I would make a quality product and I appreciated the inspiration. I am not someone that buys everyone a birthday card, but if you are falling apart, need advice, need help moving, just need help period and we aren’t even that close…I will help in anyway I can. I have bigger plans to make BornFree a platform to give back to things where I know the money is really helping, but in time. Possibly even reach out to my customers on where they would like part of the proceeds to go. I actually have an even BIGGER idea, but this is a one man show, and if BornFree grows so can the possibilities.

So, I created the website to inform you of all the info you need. I created an email and social media accounts to connect and create access for you to reach out to me. I am opening BornFree’s doors not to massively sell as much as possible, trick people into buying things with fake promises, or lie and say my products are natural and hide things from you (as I have seen SO many times). I hope Born Free’s products bring you comfort and peace, help in any healing process you are searching for, and satisfaction in your search for something real. ♥