Miranda Brook
Miranda Brook


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That stuff is AH-MAZING! We were out at the lake this weekend and Baby did not get burned! I'm talking 90+ degrees and full sun. Miles and I weren't wearing anything and we DID get burned. Lol so I'm taking that as proof that baby was well protected. It seriously is such a relief that I can put something on his skin that I know is actually helping him and is safe. No more worrying about what chemicals are being absorbed into his skin, no more worrying about his putting his sunscreened hands into his mouth. It's incredible. Thank you so much.

Roxy B.Loyal Customer

If you are looking for 100% natural, Born Free is it. I'll never use commercial products again. I love how I know exactly what I'm putting on my skin. I have included Born Free in my quest for reversing my auto immune disease and it's helped tremendously. I'm so grateful to have natural options available to me!

HeatherLoyal Customer

BornFreeRB soaps feel wonderful on my skin. One of my favorites right now is Moondance with lavender essential oils. I love that I can use a product that is gentle enough for my body and my face. The scents are subtle and not overpowering like those fake fragrances. Since I started using these soaps I’ve noticed my skin is softer and much less dry.

DaisyLoyal Customer

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