To-Go Scar Serum Roll-on


TO-GO Scar Serum

Created for post surgery scars. Super convenient to bring wherever you go & roll on multiple times a day.

Reduces appearance of scars by increasing collagen production for new healthy skin cell regeneration!

Can use on ALL scars – cat scratches, post surgery, acne scars, scrapes, cuts, stretch marks, etc.

10mL Roll-on

(See full benefits below)

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To-Go Scar Serum Roll-on


  • Emu Oil – Anti-inflammatory, Vitamin A, E, HEALS SCARS
  • Tamanu Oil – REDUCES SCARS
  • Vitamin E – Reduces scars, softens skin

All ingredients are Raw, Organic, unrefined, etc. No preservatives or chemicals you cannot pronounce.


Be consistent. Apply daily at least 3x a day – the more the merrier. Rub into healed wound horizontally, vertically and around in circles.  The fresher the scar the better the results. Results within 2-3 weeks.

Ingredients: Unrefined Emu Oil, Organic Tamanu, Vitamin E

I don’t hide any ingredients or list ‘fragrance’ because I want all my consumers to know what they are using 100%. I also will always express the risks even if it hurts sales because I feel you have the right to know and choose for yourself. I am not here to sugarcoat things to take your money. I make everything from my heart and have researched high and low to create scientifically helpful and healing products.

*Please consult your holistic doctor or do your own research if you are pregnant. Some information suggests to be more careful during the first trimester.

*Please test on a small section of skin before full use. Do not use if allergic to any above ingredients. Please note essential oil added is for the benefits not intended to be a perfume that lingers on the skin. Oh and do not eat it.

******Disclaimer: These Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product isn’t intended to treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.