Skin Lightening Cedar Gift Box


Lighten and Brighten! Slough off dead skin cells while regenerating new fresh cells. Helps fine lines and wrinkles. Healing. Use mask weekly-biweekly. Always moisturize after cleansing.

Sunshine Superman Soap Bar, 5oz. Alpha Hydroxy Acid Soap Bar, 5oz. Caffeine Fix Soap Bar, 5oz. Wildflowers Moisturizing Balm 1oz, Healing Mask 2oz.

Handcrafted Cedar wood box.


Alpha Hydroxy Acid Soap Bar – Sloughs off dead skin cells, Rejuvenates, Glow, Tones, Balances oils, Repairs, and Protects, Increases collagen production.

Sunshine Superman Soap Bar – Lemon and turmeric lightens the skin while Calendula helps heal. Anti-inflammatory & antioxidant (anti-aging) – prevents free radicals caused by oxidation that causes damage to skin cells.

Caffeine Fix (Coffee) Soap- Helps with cellulite, acne, redness, fine lines, and dull skin. Your skin will feel new after one use.

Wildflowers Balm – Moisturizer that leaves your skin supple and not greasy. Nourishing formula heals and is anti-aging by preventing wrinkles and helps with sun damage as well as free radicals from the environment. Waterproof. Slightly lavender scented.

Healing Mask – Speeds up the healing process to get clearer skin faster. Naturally blended ingredients that are potent in all parts healing: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, cell regeneration which diminishes skin discoloration from acne or wounds and brings forth fresh skin cells.

Use a different soap each day – Recommend using a different bar of soap each day. Do not use Sunshine superman same day as exfoliating with coffee.

For Full benefits of products please see individual product page.