Bug Bite Kit


Don’t let bug bites annoy you and ruin your getaway time.

If you’re camping, spending time by water or visiting humid climates, please do not forget to bring these along.

Even warm summer nights spent outdoors these can be useful.

See below for details.

2oz, amber glass spray bottle

10mL, amber roll on


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Bug Bite Kit

Mosquito Repellent Spray:

Buggies will stay far away from your precious skin. This formula is strong to be effective but not overbearing. I actually LOVE itching those mosquito bites but they leave big nasty bumps and sometimes discoloration of the skin. Not Good :/

Make sure you spray all unprotected areas even your ankles and feet if wearing sandals! They will get in anywhere they can.


Scar/Anti-itch Serum Serum (Roll on)

Convenient roll on to relieve itchiness & inflammation from bug bites of any kind. Roll on, do not rub in, itchiness will be relieved for hours. Apply as many times as needed.

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