Body Oil


Fast absorbing oil to completely nourish the largest organ of the body…. your skin! Use alone or with any body butter. Scent of warm vanilla.

Use also as a hot oil treatment for hair, scalp, and massage.

Kukui nut oil is known for repairing and preventing stretch marks, Pumpkin oil supplies Zinc & selenium, Sunflower and coconut are moisturizing and supply Vitamin E for softness.

Gold Mica for subtle shimmer, for extra shimmer or bold eco-sparkles – leave comment in notes at checkout.

Balanced oil, earthy/vanilla scent


Amber glass bottle

See directions and details below.

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Body Oil


  • Pumpkin Oil- Fights acne from the inside out due to its rich Zinc and Selenium content. Hydrates, renews, increases firmness, fights acne causing bacteria and preventing scars. All skin types.
  • Kukui Nut Oil – revitalizes tired skin cells, known for preventing stretch marks, absorbed by the deepest layers, Vitamins A, C and E, help with skin cell regeneration and improving uneven pigmentation for a brighter, smoother complexion.
  • Sunflower Oil- Vitamin E, Antioxidants, Effective for combating skincare issues like acne, inflammation, general redness and irritation of the skin. Helps the skin retain its moisture. Keeps skin balanced and moisturized while fighting acne causing bacteria. Fights the signs of aging.
  • Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil – Vitamin E, Lauric Acid, which is identical to a special group of fats found in human breast milk, SPF 5-10, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-aging, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antimicrobial, antioxidant, eczema, dermatitis

All ingredients are Raw, Organic, unrefined, etc. No preservatives or chemicals you cannot pronounce.

Directions: Shake bottle well to incorporate gold mica. Apply desired amount to skin. Extra soft and moisturizing if used on wet skin. I like to use with a butter, scoop some butter in hand, pour some oil on top, rub together on hands and apply. Use on face if skin is dryer, coconut oil is higher on comedogenic rating (pore-clogging) otherwise perfectly safe for face. Up to users discretion.

Uses: Skin moisturizer, hair oil, scalp oil, hot oil treatment, massage, cuticle oil.

Ingredients: Organic cold pressed pumpkin seed oil, Organic sunflower oil, Raw coconut oil, Organic kukui nut oil, Gold mica Essential oils of: Balsam of Peru & Essential Oil blend.

I don’t hide any ingredients or list ‘fragrance’ because I want all my consumers to know what they are using 100%. I also will always express the risks even if it hurts sales because I feel you have the right to know and choose for yourself. I am not here to sugarcoat things to take your money. I make everything from my heart and have researched high and low to create scientifically helpful and healing products.

*Please consult your holistic doctor or do your own research if you are pregnant. Some information suggests to be more careful during the first trimester.

*Please test on a small section of skin before full use. Do not use if allergic to any above ingredients. Please note essential oil added is for the benefits not intended to be a perfume that lingers on the skin. Oh and do not eat it.

******Disclaimer: These Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product isn’t intended to treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.