How would you know unless I told you?

Hello Natural Lovers!


How are you? I hope everyone hasn’t lost their shit yet and practicing kindness to each other.

In an unpredictable world, that’s the least we can do.


I had some things I wanted you all to know and I was like HEY — I have a blog. So, I might as well use it! haha


So recently, like 6 months recently,

I have been thinking of expanding my platforms, not so much having my own store, because I love my job in the medical field, but more like what stores or other platforms would be a good fit for BornfreeRB?


In the midst of thinking of my display, and how things will be placed, I thought, how will people know that I am not like everyone else? How will they know that when they pick up that butter or serum, that I have researched each ingredient all the way down to their chemical breakdown. That I have spent hours/days first formulating what I think would be the perfect blend on paper and then taking hours sterilizing all tools (medical field influence), measuring, recording, and creating? That I have researched all the benefits as well as the risks to be the safest and effective product possible? And how will they know that I don’t buy cheap ingredients to make just OK products to make money?


So I have to think HOW to convey some of that to you all – One way is when a potential buyer reads the label, they can see that it was formulated to keep skin youthful, heal, protect skin while not clogging pores…

And the other place is HERE!


SO anyone who knows me, knows that I am kinda boujee with certain things…vacation rentals, bathing suits, and skin care ingredients to name a few. I don’t mind spending extra cash to get THE BEST. My ingredients have to be RAW, ORGANIC, HIGH QUALITY & SAFE. The ingredient I use HAS TO BE 1 ingredient. Not pumpkin oil with sulfamethoxoazole-45, blue 20 and axsthanaym.  And everything I make, I USE. I feel that it would be a betrayal to all of you if I was looking amazing and using something else. I use NOTHING else. If I need sunscreen – I make it. If I need anti-aging serum – I make it. If I need anything, believe me I have made it or it’s on the list! I want the best for my skin which means you get the best for your skin too. Yes, this has taken time, for sure, because countless hours are needed to create something from scratch.


The journey to the natural world was one foot in, one foot out, because, yes it was scary switching over to something new. I didn’t trust other brands not using preservatives and I didn’t trust that their ingredients were organic or naturally sourced. Some companies don’t list all the ingredients either or they use things that I know can clog pores, which doesn’t make it risk free to try it. You have to do digging – even when the company for just a single ingredient doesn’t mention soy, and when you email the company, sometimes it still has soy! I know crazy! I did the research, I hide no ingredients & every ingredient I use will not clog your pores. Why is that important? Because it counterproductive. You are trying to help your skin while creating more problems to fix. Why? Just why? It’s like sunscreen, but I’ll blog about that another time.


So for my love of science, my patience and OCDness to research and create has been a perfect match for BornfreeRB. I hope that this helps you get to know me, the boujee scientific maker, a little bit better and gives you a little more confidence knowing that you are using exceptional products that are SAFE, HIGH QUALITY & HIGHLY BENEFICIAL all from NATURAL ORGANIC ingredients from our earth.


Love to All – xxoo

Martina Santoro – bornfreeRB