Acne Care System
Simple. Effective. No Chemicals. parabens, sulfates, preservatives. Formluated by yours truly.

Organic Acne Skincare Line

Clear skin. Happiness. Heal. Restore. Let your true self shine.

Organically formulated to heal acne scars, prevent future breakouts, and stop the hormonal/cystic breakouts in its tracks.
Created for a teen that was allergic to ingredients in proactive and wanted clear skin, what teen doesn’t? Since I was this remarkable girls hippie mama bear, I went straight to work. You shouldn’t have to break the bank for clear skin/organic products or sacrifice your health in other ways to get it.

  • Aloe Acne Bar- Squeaky clean, moisturizing, healing, Antibacterial
  • Balance Serum- Balance oily or dry skin by balancing oil production. Dissolve sebum, unclogging pores and minimizing blackheads. Anti-aging.
  • WF balm or Antioxidant- Moisturize your skin! WF for stronger hydration and healing. Antioxidant for acne fighting and anti-aging.
  • Banishing butter- Night treatment for hormonal/cystic acne – those large breakouts that are painful. Use 2-3 days to banish them away.
  • Exfoliate weekly- Caffeine fix or Alpha Hydoxy acid soap/Lemon with a washcloth in tiny circles. Help cell turnover and make skin fresh!
  • Purge- Biweekly-Monthly- Use a clay mask or Pretty in Pink/Charcoal Detox soap. Deep clean your pores to have less problems in the future. Especially if you use makeup daily.
Aloe Acne Bar
Balance Serum
Blemish Butter
Antioxodant butter
Caffeine Fix
Alpha Hydroxy Acid Bar
Sunshine Superman

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