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100% Organic/Unrefined/Natural

All ingredients are quality approved, derived from mother earth/plant based & absolutely organic, unrefined, and/or raw.


Natural products, researched and tested recipes have been carefully crafted for all skin types. Handmade for my loved ones and now available for...

Fresh-Chemical free

No chemicals, parabens, sulfates, or preservatives. Made fresh in small batches just for you.

Environmentally Conscious

Simple packaging creating less waste. Products are in recyclable amber glass jars to protect ingredients. Return your jar for a Discounted refill!...


Questions are welcomed. Feel free to send me an e-mail with any questions or concerns and we will point you into the right direction.


Free shipping on orders over $100+. Local delivery $5. Everything is made to order, delivery times may vary. I also work full-time, if you need a...

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Our products have medicinal qualities from 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Essential oils are combined with raw ingredients from the earth to be naturally healing, calming, cleansing, uplifting and moisturizing. Each item has all the benefits listed for you to choose how you would like to rejuvenate and give back to your skin, to heal and soothe mind, body and soul.

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Thank you for visiting and supporting a small business. I hope that you will enjoy exploring and learning. Everyone has the freedom to choose and I am happy to have made healthy natural earthy products that you can now choose and experience the difference.


What makes our handmade products truly unique? One… it’s handmade. Two…I have researched all the benefits and the risks to bring you truly amazing products that will leave your skin and soul happy and healthy. I have handcrafted recipes that will rejuvenate, cleanse, moisturize, heal and protect,  adding ingredients that are raw and full of nutrients with no chemicals, no fillers,  & no unnatural preservatives. You will never want to go back to using commercial items. Your skin, mind & body will be thanking you.


That stuff is AH-MAZING! We were out at the lake this weekend and Baby did not get burned! I'm talking 90+ degrees and full sun. Miles and I weren't wearing anything and we DID get burned. Lol so I'm taking that as proof that baby was well protected. It seriously is such a relief that I can put something on his skin that I know is actually helping him and is safe. No more worrying about what chemicals are being absorbed into his skin, no more worrying about his putting his sunscreened hands into his mouth. It's incredible. Thank you so much.

Roxy B.Loyal Customer

If you are looking for 100% natural, Born Free is it. I'll never use commercial products again. I love how I know exactly what I'm putting on my skin. I have included Born Free in my quest for reversing my auto immune disease and it's helped tremendously. I'm so grateful to have natural options available to me!

HeatherLoyal Customer

BornFreeRB soaps feel wonderful on my skin. One of my favorites right now is Moondance with lavender essential oils. I love that I can use a product that is gentle enough for my body and my face. The scents are subtle and not overpowering like those fake fragrances. Since I started using these soaps I’ve noticed my skin is softer and much less dry.

DaisyLoyal Customer

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